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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

3'ayounik: Jewellery

Corporate image still in progress. Launch October 09.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Lost: The Cheap & Cheerful Book of Type

A cheap and cheerful book about being lost done a few years back, but came to my attention the other day when I realized why I had produced this piece.
A play around with a few forms of type, a waist of time on the photocopy machine and loosing ink from my printer, I had came up with a book about my lost senses since my arrival to the capital, London.

I wanted to show how a playful attitude (enlarging, resizing and photocopying over and over) with machinery such as a photocopy machine can produce nice effects. The worn out letter forms and the ink marks make the piece settle well within it self. And could be explained in such that it portrays my thoughts being weirdly assembled at the time.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

SADER Law Research Center: Corporate Logo Design

SADER & ASSOCIATES is an international law firm based in Lebanon (www.saderlaw.com) . With a few sub–groups, they decided to launch a new department for law researches towards the end of 2009.

I was contacted and referred to through a medium and was asked to design the corporate logo for there sub–group SADER Law Research Center (SLRC).
There requirements were simple: To produce an artwork similar to the actual main group's, giving a middle eastern touch and legible. The design must have a corporate standards and use the initial 'S' that stands for SADER.

Friday, 7 August 2009

TOOLS: The Safety & Survival Kit Information.

'We venture in the jungle with our tools...' (Pendulum)

Saturday, 4 July 2009

UNIK: Attempts of introducing & designing a universal currency.

As the recession continues to trouble our daily thoughts, the world can't seem to find a solution to return to there easy habits.

Unik is a project depicting in a graphical form the few reasons why we struggle to escape this crisis. A universal currency could probably be a reasonable solution, but will it ever show success?

I decided to represent a mockery of the situation with a poster explaining the steps to undertake while designing a new logo/design. Five steps underlining the different requirements to produce such work, as well as an insight on why the world doesn't seem to reach a medium and resolve there financial problems.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

London Overground: The ultimate guide to a walk through London's best kept places.

As our last brief for the year 08-09 at CSM, we had an open brief relating to the Circle Line, part of the London Underground Transport. Our tutor gave us the chance to produce anything from that headliner.
My fear was that I didn't know much about the underground as I have a sort of hate towards it. I am a person who likes to venture in open air and be able to see different things around me. Therefore walk, cycling and bus are the only form of transport that I take within the city.
I took this opinion of mine in consideration and used it for the brief: I suggested a campaign against the usage of the underground and encouraging a walk or a venture around London.

Therefore I produced a look a like map style to the underground one, but with walking distances of Central London. Keeping the stations for references and orientation, I illustrated the exact disctances between them, pointing out some key places to look at (from a personal aspect).
This idea seemed to also work well with the fact that the mayor of London is encouraging its citizens to go 'Green'.
Therefore my production was on recycling paper, keeping the feel a bit natural and playful.
And u

Pattern Live: Typography is the language of nature

1. Typography is the language of nature.

2. Everything around us can be represented & understood through fonts.

3.If you graph these fonts, patterns emerge.
'Therefore there are patterns everywhere in nature' (Max Cohen in the film 'Pi')

My passion for type never seeds to find an end. I can keep on going on with how much typography can fascinate the world as well as have a great affect on our usual lifestyles.
Therefore I decided to demonstrate how type is influential and important for us.

Adopting Maximilian Cohen's theory search in the film 'Pi'. I decide to portray my idea based on the pattern and schism sample. And therefore printing it on acetate paper and exploring its capability on different surfaces, demonstrating a consistent Pattern.